Mentoring your child’s digital consumption

Wranga is dedicated to making the internet safer for children through child-centered AI policies, research, and technology. We prioritize child safety, rights, and education, involving them in AI design and advocating for a balanced digital environment. Our collaborative efforts aim to empower and protect children online, ensuring a secure and inclusive future.

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About Us

Wranga is an ecosystem for digital parents to raise children in a safe and positive cyber environment. It provides you with an online platform of content ratings, reviews and recommendations customized for your child. Wranga thrives to guide parents to foster their children about digital well-being in making digital spaces safe for them. It’s your friend's philosopher guide helping you better navigate the digital world for your children.

More About Wranga

How it Works

The team at WRANGA is headed by Founder & Director. Under the leadership of the Founder, other team members are assigned with their roles and responsibilities.

Parental Control

The children are our future. Wranga lets parents control screen time, track real time location, manage apps and many more on child's devices.

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We offer reviews on movies, TV shows Apps, and games

Internet safety for kids and their good digital experience is of utmost importance. We are the friend, philosophers, and guides to all the digital parents who are dedicated to protecting their children online. We create a quick text and video explainer breaking down the content components and giving the parents tools to start conversations with children.

We offer safe digital parenting advice with the help of blogs

We provide special blogs for parents to provide a number of solutions related to parenting. Increase Information and facts about digital consumption.


What our customers say

As young parents our biggest challenge is what content our child is watching on the phone and how it is being used by him. I got to know about Wranga and was curious to explore it and found it extremely useful for my child. I now know how I can set up parental controls for my child on the device accessed by him.

Nishtha Bawa

I have twins and during the lockdown, it was impossible to keep them away from Screens. I felt helpless at times and gave up on monitoring too. But during an open house by Wranga, I felt better and was happy to know that there is a platform to have a discourse on issues like these.


The pandemic and multiple lockdowns have been a huge challenge for parenting. While I couldn’t avoid exposing my children to screens, what I did wish for is a more regulated way to provide screen time which is healthy and productive. Wranga as a platform provided that for me, and apart from being extremely useful for a parent, it is also very user friendly. It is the best way to monitor your child’s digital movement and to ensure their safety and security.

Ranjani Arvind

I have two children, 7 and 3, with varying interests and level of comprehension. Wranga has been extremely helpful in finding age appropriate content for both my children. Their content is vast, diverse and very informative. I would recommend the platform to all parents, who are looking for such a forum to deal with the various digital challenges.

Arvind Narasimhan