#WrangaParentReviews - Be a Voice for others to make a Choice!

Published by Wranga at August 18, 2022
Wranga Parent Reviews

Hey Parents,

Have you been watching films and thinking, how can kids even watch this or yeah, this is the right film/content for my kid?

Wranga is setting up a platform for you to express your personal views about any content that you consume online or anywhere, which will be validated and analyzed by the experts, and showcased on Wranga’s own official platforms/App.

As parents you have the perfect understanding of what is appropriate for the kids and what's not. And that's what we want from you. Very raw and Very fresh! Simply your opinion.

Your perception can be an inception for many others in making an informed choice for their kids to cater for them with age-appropriate content.

What should you do?

  • Watch a movie/series, play any game, and review of its appropriate for a particular age group or not
  • Record a video or pen down your views (Min 50 words - Max 200 words)
  • Share it with Wranga.
  • Allow the team of experts to validate your view.
  • Content will get published officially via Wranga (Social Media and the App Too!!)

Let’s together make a safe digital ecosystem for the future generation.

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