Barack Obama's recent speech in Stanford, California.

Published by Wranga at April 22, 2022

If you missed it, Barack Obama's recent speech in Stanford, California, about the fight against misinformation would probably go down in cyber history as one of the most important calls to action.

And as a parent, you should listen to it. There is a lot to learn; inform yourself and decide for your child. It is a wake-up call for all Digital Parents. For all digital migrants bringing up digital natives.

1. How does it impact you as an individual?

"For more and more of us, search, and social media platforms aren't just our window into the internet. They serve as our primary source of news and information. "Obama said no one tells us that the window is blurred, subject to unseen distortions and subtle manipulations," Obama said.

2. Are you taking Parenting decisions based on Facts?

It's great that you are taking an active interest in parenting and your children's development. However, despite your best intentions, you might be falling prey to the same fundamental flaws that parents have fallen into for decades — including some of the same myths and misunderstandings about parenting. It's essential to fact check each parenting methodology we apply, preferably from a reliable source.

3. Are you using Technology? Or getting used by it?

Technology has taken over the world. The only way to stop it is to get off it. However, there is no stopping the exponential growth of technology. We are all guilty of its use and tend to make our lives even more mechanical by adopting new technologies as they come along. Here's another question: Why do we always need newer technologies? This goes a lot beyond information gathering. Today there is an app and IOT device for almost everything under the sun. Be it BMI / Diet / Education / Entertainment / Finance. Most of them are not scientific or, let's say, not scientific enough for your situation (they can't be; they are built to scale and generalisations) before you start living your life based on a digital recommendation (as many parents do). I would like to advise you to take a step back and ask yourself why. Also, if you are constantly busy or stressed out — I would advise you to switch it off. It's never been easier with all these IoT Devices (Like Alexa). Let's talk about some mind-altering questions & why we need answers to them.

In the End, Where Obama reaches out to the Tech industry, I would like to reach out to your Parents and hope I was able to kindle thought and start a discussion. If so, do let me know; looking forward to connecting with you all.