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Published by Wranga at FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Since the stone age, encrypted communication has always been in existence. The youth have always been creative when it comes to fashion, setting the trend and so with their dialects and slang. A middle-aged person has always found it Latin when two youth converses. The physical interaction time has found a drastic downfall after the digital revolution; hence the jargon shifted to digital conversations.

Emojis play a major role whether it is a personal conversation, commenting on posts, or group conversations. Emoji can convey emotions legit with minimal usage of words. The challenging part is they do have hidden meanings. Decoding them is near impossible for grown-ups.

Why do they use them?The reason is pretty apparent. For the parents to not find out, even if they by any chance see the notifications popping.

Why should parents know the jargon? To punish? To ground the kids? To know your kids! Know them to make them better!

Everything is evolving around so must be parenting. To start with, let us understand their digital language

Let us interpret a few here:

1. Goat

Ah, it’s a friendly domestic animal. Placing it in a conversation may emphasize their interest in domestic livelihood. Maybe!

GOAT is used as an acronym of “Greatest of All Times”.

2. Avocado

In American states, Avocado is considered as something that everybody eats something that’s very basic. So, this emoji is often used to call a person ‘Basic’ or cliché.

3. Snake

Snakes are venomous. To call a person venomous or a backstabber this emoji is used.

Ok, so yeah, youths use these emojis. What big deal? They do have inside meanings, but the above-mentioned are not something alarming. Is that what you think? We are yet to start, buddy!

4. Little/small emoji

What do you think this is? Symbolizing a pinch or little? Yes, this means small but in what context is this used?

Youths use it to talk about the size of the male genitals.

5. Dog

I know this! This is a friendly cute pup representing care or cuteness. Well, congratulations, the wrong guess. This is used to symbolize a female dog, in other words ‘Bitch’.

6. Movie camera

This should be used to call other pals for a movie night or something. Well yeah, it should have been used for that. But this is used for requesting ‘naughty videos’

7. Eggplant

Why would teens talk about eggplants? Are they even going to cook? Yeah, they do cook, some excellent stories and jargon. This represents the ‘penis’.

8. Peach

Again, they are never going to converse about fruits. This is used to symbolize ‘butt’.

9. Two cherries

Now you would have started guessing that it is definitely going to be a representation of a body part. The only question is of a male or female?

Well, the two cherries represent the ‘Boobs’.

10. Grapes

By now, you would have got a hang of it. Yes, it symbolizes the ‘Balls’

11. Fist and water

Instead of a body part, this denotes a mechanism. Now guessing it? Male masturbation

12. Chicken

Well, what should I say? This is a beautiful chicken but was not let to be that. This means c##k

In the rapidly going digital world, it has become the need of the hour to monitor the kids’ digital activity, ensure their digital safety and provide them with a healthy digital ecosystem. Is it possible to keep them away from digital consumption? That’s a big no!

It’s time for Digital Parenting!