Digital Metamorphosis

Written by Venkatesh Ramamrat | Published: September 22, 2022
Digital Metamorphosis

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire”, from the film “Schindler's List”, originating from the Talmud.

The Digital Age came about in the last decade at such an extraordinary rate of growth and spread of adoption which has been unprecedented in human history.

Digital Metamorphosis

To understand the social impact of technology ,we created this framework to identify the society in the digital age into 4 components, refer Figure 1.

  • Digital Royals : Direct Access to Technology with Guidance and knowledge.
  • Digital Enablers : No direct access to technology , yet create positive use of technology.
  • Digital Outsiders: No access to technology, No guidance.
  • Digital Orphans : Direct Access to technology without knowledge and guidance.

Figure 1.

Digital Society Matrix With this knowledge we see that possibly in 1990, refer figure 2 , we had a huge population of Digital Outsiders as technology was only accessible to very few and alo technology wasn’t invasive. Children and teenagers who had access to video games would possibly make the Digital orphans section, while we can assume most of the world did not have access to technology or knowledge related to the same.

Figure 2.

Digital Society Matrix The extraordinary rise in digital devices being accessible to the world has been phenomenal. With zero smartphones in 1990, to approximately 825 million in 2022 is a kind of mind boggling speed at which technology has risen.

The Pie charts in Figure 2 and 3 in comparison show a very compelling story where we can see a substitution effect. With a whole population of first time technology adopters , from never having access to technology or knowledge the world we can see is seemingly shifted from being a Digital Outsider to Digital Orphan.

Figure 3.

Digital Society Matrix PS : The pie charts are indicative of the sudden change in society, the percentage numbers are assumed.

This phenomenon is especially concerning to decode the health, mental health and safety of all concerned , especially children.Most children in the world are accessing technology and this number is possibly in the hundreds of millions of children who have no guidance in the use of technology in their formative years.

In Europe and North America, home to majority of Digital Royals in the world today , there has been some understanding and research and also their pace of adoption due to their early mover advantage was gradual compared to Asia , Africa , South America where reduced costs and public policy of inclusion has brought a tremendous revolution in democratising technology in the last decade.

As we are yet to debate in this article on the advantages and ethics of technology , we are assuming that technology is here to stay.

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web.

At Wranga, what we as a company are striving to achieve is to help people, parents and children, adults and old people to have better knowledge and decision making in the digital world so that with their access to technology they can actually use technology compassionately and not be used by it.

To understand technology and people, we need to understand the cultural context of their values and society parameters which are unique to every region.Looking only to understand the same for a country like India itself is an enormous and vast scale of work that needs to be achieved .

We look to utilise cutting edge GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology for solutions in the form of our patent pending proprietary AI, which is able to make sense of online content, games and apps with a cultural context , being tuned and created with India based content.

To understand the world of Safety Tech , we shall delve into the world of people and companies who are trying to help make the digital world safer for people, and how we at Wranga work closely with Big Technology Companies and Deep Tech Firms to enable Digital Orphans become Digital Royals, and this complex process we understand as “Digital Parenting”.