Digital Parenting Ecosystem

Published by Wranga | October 12, 2022
Digital Parenting Ecosystem

Written by Venkatesh Ramamrat

In the previous articles, we understood the need for digital parenting in the metamorphosis of society and then went deeper into what Digital Parenting means. At Wranga, we understand that the task is immense and complicated, and to truly solve the complex problem, we need to understand whom we are serving. Our mission is to enable parents to make informed decisions in the digital age through simplified and verified relevant information and actionable solutions.

Parents, of children below 18 years, have a responsibility to raise their children in this digital age, keeping in mind the “emotional, social, spiritual, congenital and physical well-being of the child.” - Arun Kapur

Digital Parenting Ecosystem

In physical environments, there has been great research into understanding the child’s needs, but to create a similar experience online, that's where Wranga comes in.

The stakeholders connected to a child's digital experience are as follows:

  • Parents
  • Teachers/Schools/Institutions
  • Policy/ Government
  • Online Content Companies
  • Future Tech Digital Companies
  • Children Product Companies
Digital Parenting Ecosystem

The key description of the online content has been discussed in the previous article where we enumerate the size and describe.

  1. OTTs
  2. Games
  3. Apps
  4. Social Media
  5. Connected Toys
Online Data Statistics:
  1. The amount of data in the world was estimated to be 44 zettabytes at the dawn of 2020.
  2. By 2025, the amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 exabytes globally.
  3. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon store at least 1,200 petabytes of information.
  4. The world spends almost $1 million per minute on commodities on the Internet.
  5. Electronic Arts process roughly 50 terabytes of data every day.
  6. By 2025, there would be 75 billion Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices in the world
  7. By 2030, nine out of every ten people aged six and above would be digitally active.

Digital Parenting Ecosystem:

A living system continually re-creates itself. But how this occurs in social systems such as global institutions depends on our level of awareness, both individually and collectively ... As long as our thinking is governed by industrial, "machine age" metaphors such as control, predictability, and "faster is better", we will continue to re-create institutions as we have, despite their increasing disharmony with the larger world. — Betty Sue Flowers

Digital Parenting Ecosystem In the brief reference diagram above, we see the right-hand well-being of the child, which is our outcome, which is achieved through the Wranga platform. The Feedback from understanding children, in the tech world comes from our experience of a decade with online safety, and understanding the interaction of technology with people, with we not profit Social Media Matters, where we continuously spend time in the field with workshops across the country and abroad, as well as our leadership, being in the chair in the Safety Advisory Board of most top Technology Companies.

Our workshops are hence a combination of bringing feedback from children from our technology world connections, sharing this knowledge with parents, understanding the parent’s preferences, cultural context, and our knowledge in the field through primary and secondary research. Additionally, our collaboration with Disney with top schools in India enables us to cover the ecosystem of children which is an important input for our rating engine which initially was done manually by our team to provide the knowledge to vast sections of parents through our Wranga App.

The AI Engine, which is the feedforward loop, on the top left of the diagram, now enables us to scale our work across the universe of apps, games, OTTs, online advertisements, and so on into the future with augmented reality, metaverse connected toys, and beyond. Wanga Digital Parenting Ecosystem Core Structure:

Rating, Review, Advisory

  • Algorithms for Contextual review, rating, and advisory in respect of culture and content have been deployed in the field.
  • A team of highly qualified social psychologists & technologists to manage content review and rating of the OTT and gaming platforms.
  • Easy to use technology tools for all parents.
  • Tools to build a meaningful social media profile and connection.
  • Safety Advisory Team for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Netflix Globally.
  • Build solutions for effective digital socialization through research and training.
  • Provide weekly actionable insight for parents about OTT content and gaming through a detailed media review.


  • Wranga is an AI tech platform building algorithms to help people make informed decisions.
  • Our patented AI breaks down & presents information based on relevance, context, and impact. Wranga is a technology company that builds AI algorithms, models, tools, and services to help people make smart choices about rich media content.
  • Our patented AI models use relevance, context, impact, and other features of rich media to understand, learn, drive, and show both quantitative and qualitative measures to users to make informed decisions.
  • Analytics platform for the detailed rating of the OTT contents and games using several layers of variables.

Schools/Parents Outreach/Corporate Outreach

  • Workshops with groups of Parents
  • Programs with top Schools in India
  • Online Safety Curriculum in partnership with Disney
  • Talks with Roblox for integration with Schools
  • Netflix partnership to create content Wranga Canvas talks with digital safety experts
As we pursue our effort, the criticality of the outcome, which is the well-being of the child, is our primary driving force at Wranga. We are up against a tsunami of content which is in all fields, and with the emerging technology of Metaverse, Augmented reality, and connected toys we are becoming more relevant in social understanding. Due to Covid, and online education to the forte, the good news is that policymakers and government organizations are taking note and we are seeing a renaissance of online safety coalitions across the world. Will discover more details on the intricacies of our AI and the cutting-edge technologies and companies working in this field to help create an ecosystem for digital parenting which is honest and organic, in India must say we at Wranga lead the charge.